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Tidal Wave

Year : 2009 Director : Youn Jk Running Time : 120 min Genre : , , , , ,
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Decided I wanted a break from martial arts film off of Netflix Streaming and thought that disaster film might fill the bill.  But it didn’t quite turn out that way….

Known as “Haeundae” in South Korea, this film was billed as a disaster film, but it really stretched across so many genres: Disaster, Romance, Action, Comedy and Drama.  Intentional?  I actually think so, but in all honesty the film was all over the place.  It would jump back and forth from being about a scientist tracking a Tsunami (not technically a tidal wave), to a storyline about a semi-alcoholic fisherman who was in love with a young woman who he was guardian over.  Then it would jump to being a romance between a Coast Guardsman and a rich girl, with touches of comedy.  THEN it would flip back to the scientist with a sub plot about a lost love of his with whom he had a daughter.

No wonder that after 1 hour and 20 minutes of watching Tidal Wave on Netflix streaming, there was no disaster.  Geez.

Finally, when the tidal wave started, the action did kick in.  The special effects where very “SyFy Original Movie”, cheap but effective.

In all honesty it needed to be a much more focused film.

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