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The Butterfly Effect

Year : 2004 Director : Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber Running Time : 1hr 53min Genre : ,
Movie review score

This movie has such a long and boring setup. Like it takes around 50 minutes for the movie to really get started with the “butterfly effect” happening. It does such as a terrible job at making you feel for characters. Like bad things happen to the main character. But they show it, take out a portion, then re show it. Essentially the did a double setup for the movie.

However Once the butterfly effect kicks in, it takes off and becomes super interesting. Then… it gets boring again. The movie is a roller coaster starts bad, gets good, but drops really fast. Every time the butterfly effect kicks in it gets really interesting. The movie suffers terrible direction. The pacing is awful. The concept is great, but it has terrible execution.

If this movie were remade, I would defiantly be interested in seeing it. I know there are sequels but I heard they are terrible so I am not even going to try them. I would only recommend this movie if you want to see what could have been a great movie, one with suspense and mystery, but it is a boring movie.

P.S. People apparently like this movie with a 7.7 rating on IMDB, and I watched the theatrical version and I have heard the Director’s cut is a different movie. So maybe that is the movie people like.

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