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The Amazing Spider-Man 3D

Year : 2012 Director : Marc Webb Running Time : 136 minutes Genre :
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I have to be honest, we usually watch online movies via Netflix, but we had a credit thanks to signing up for a VUDU account and decided to watch a movie.

We decided to test out 3D Streaming on VUDU as well.  We’ve purchased almost all of our 3D movies, mostly because rental stores in our area didn’t carry any 3D films.  That was fairly expensive, however, we were only paying between $25 and $35 for the movies and we usually got 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/digital copy combos.  So in reality it wasn’t such a bad deal.  A LOT cheaper than going out to the movies!   NOW with prices on 3D combos as low as $14.99, this is even more attractive.

Anyway, we selected The Amazing Spider-Man for our New Year’s evening movie and sat back to enjoy.  First off, the streaming experience was very nice.  There were no real glitches, except when we were pausing or stopping the film to get drinks or let the dog out.   The quality of the video was excellent no complaints.   I do wonder about the 3D though, although you could tell that the movies was in 3D, there didn’t “seem” to be a lot of 3D material in the movie.  At least until Spiderman did some web slinging late in the film.

The cast was very good.  Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.  Solid.  The script moved well, if a bit sluggish during various semi-angst induced fits by Peter Parker.  There were times I was wondering if there would even be a villain in the movie.

Two big issues with the film though:

1) Peter Parker was way too “cool”, good looking and a non-nerd.  This is where Tobey Maguire was at least believable with the squeaky voice and glasses, Garfield didn’t pull this off.

2)  Why a reboot of Spider-Man so soon?  10 years?  So are we saying we’re ready for a Harry Potter Reboot?  Why Not?!?!  The last Tobey Maguire Spiderman was only in 2007.  Too soon.

Still a very enjoyable film.

NOW…I did have an issue with VUDU pricing.  $5.99 for a 3D streamed movie?  If I wanted non-3D I could get it for $1 to $3 locally at Redbox or Family Video.  Or wait for Netflix. Or Buy it with all the digital copies etc. and  just own it.  $5.99 ….too much.

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