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The Adventures of Tintin

Year : 2011 Director : Steven Spielberg Running Time : 107 min Genre : , ,
Movie review score

I fell asleep watching The Adventures of Tintin at the cinema. I admit it. But I was dog tired that day. When I get tired, it is very hard for me to determine if a movie is dragging or if it’s just me. More than a few times, I’ve come out of a movie and asked my kids or wife what they thought of it and they’ll say “Action Packed!” Me on the other hand, I would have thought it dragged.

I fell asleep thinking that The Adventures of Tintin dragged. But it was a Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson movie. So, I asked for the 3D version for my birthday. I finally got around to watching it 4 1/2 months later.

The Adventures of Tintin does drag. It’s not terrible, and when there is action, it’s very good interesting action. I like the movie. I think that the motion capture animation is astounding. I think the 3D is spectacular. I just am not quite sure why this movie didn’t quite click. Make no mistake, I’ll watch the others (if they are ever made) and I’ll collect them. I’m just not sure that the film was quite as adventurous as it could have been.

It’s a solid 7. But I’m not sure I can give it more than that…considering I almost fell asleep the second time I watched it too.

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