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Snow White and The Huntsman

Year : 2012 Director : Rupert Sanders Running Time : 127 min Genre : ,
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It is rare that I find a movie that I know little about, watch it expecting very little and wind up finding out I really liked the film. The greatest example of that in my movie-viewing life is Romancing the Stone. Went in knowing nothing, came out loving it.
I won’t go quite that far, but I really enjoyed Snow White and The Huntsman. A Lot.

I am not really a Kristen Stewart fan. I’ve only seen her in a couple films (no, none with vampires). But there was something about the previews that drew me to this film. I got Snow White and the Huntsman from Redbox, thanks to my monthly free rental text.

If I had to pick one overall aspect of Snow White and the Huntsman that I enjoyed the most, it would the the visuals. Visually this is a very interesting film. A complete departure from the Disney-ized version of Snow White. Everything about the look of the film was intriguing. Granted, the film was slow in parts and lagged a lot, but the visuals were what drew me back to the film over and over. The castle, the forest, the dwarves and even the mirror.

This is not to say that the entire take isn’t novel. It definitely is novel, even going so far as to depict Snow White as a ‘Joan of Arc’ type character.. It was a familiar story and I knew how it would end, but I kept wondering how it would end.

Rarely do I recommend films to friends, but after watching Snow White and The Huntsman, I immediately sent out a few emails.

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