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Skyfall 007

Year : 2012 Director : Sam Mendes Running Time : 143 min Genre : , ,
Movie review score

I am giving it a 10. No, not the perfect film. But my highest rating of any movie since I have started putting my reviews on this site.

Skyfall is excellent. Never a dull moment. Javier Bardem is, possibly, the best Bond villain ever. Only Goldfinger can come close.

This movie made me feel almost embarrassed that I had watched Die Another Day just a few weeks before. The two bond movies do NOT even compare.
Yes I’m being vague about everything, but I have to say, this is not your James Bond, your fathers James Bond or your grandfathers James Bond. This is a new James Bond for a new era. That message was embedded firmly in the film through dialogue and imagery. The “old” Bond car being destroyed. The comments by Q about how they didn’t do “exploding pens” anymore. The destruction of Bond’s childhood home. Everything was done to allude to a break with the past. The ONE hint of the past that I can’t tell if it was an intention to do away with or keep was the signature “Bond Theme”. I seem to remember commenting that I did not hear it in Quantum of Solace at all. If it was there, I missed it. Thus I was very pleased to see it was integrated into the film.

If this film is indicative of how the producers want to take this series, then I’m on board.

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