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Year : 2012 Director : Steven Spielberg Running Time : 150 min Genre : ,
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Not your typical holiday fare, but the family headed out to Lincoln at the local cinema over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Now I am a lover of history, unfortunately schools tend to give history the most meager of attention in these times. I cannot say how many times I have asked one of my sons the most rudimentary of history questions and they were unable to answer, citing “we’ve never been taught that”.

Thus a viewing of Lincoln was both meant as escape and entertainment and a bit of disguised history at the same time.

I cannot vouch for how accurate the movie or indeed the book it is based off of “A Team of Rivals” are, but I can tell you this movie centering around the 13th amendment had me going out and checking for more information about the subject matter that very night.

Daniel Day-Lewis did what good actors do. He made me forget that I was watching an actor portray Lincoln and made me feel almost as if it was Lincoln himself on the screen.

The movie is dialogue and monologue heavy and in a few places drags, especially during monologues, but overall another good effort by Steven Spielberg and I’m sure the Oscar praise will be heaped on this film.

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