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John Wick: Chapter 2

Year : 2017 Director : Chad Stahelski Running Time : 2hr 2min Genre : , ,
Movie review score

The movie is essentially a world expansion of the first movie. it is vibrant and has a stronger villain than before. Unlike the first film, in which the villain is afraid of John Wick, the main villain of this movie shows no hesitation as he pulls John Wick out of retirement again to get him to kill his sister for him. In the process, he makes the mistake of betraying John Wick.

One of things they do a lot better is the coloring of the movie. The film, unlike others in the genre, is bright and saturated. Leaving it with it;s unique neon look. This gives john wick a rare appearance that makes the film stand out form the crowd in terms of how it looks, like films such as Star Trek(2009) or Mad Max: Fury Road(2015).

This film, like the first, is worth the watch. It influence theater as we know it and continues to do so as the franchise is still in production.

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