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John Carter of Mars

Year : 2012 Director : Andrew Stanton Running Time : 132 minutes Genre : , ,
Movie review score

Didn’t get a chance to see John Carter of Mars in the theater, but when I heard absolutely glowing reviews of it from a friend I immediately made plans to buy it.

When I went to check on the 3D Blu-ray pricing on Amazon I was absolutely astonished by the reviews. It was rated as > 4 stars and the reviews were glowing. This was completely the opposite of the reviews I had read in the papers.

I went back and asked my friend about it and she said she absolutely LOVED the movie. So much so that she went and bought the all of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels for her kindle and was enjoying those books as well.

I made sure to pick up the 3D Blu-ray combo pack including the 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and digital copies. Unfortunately, the family had to wait a while to watch because we were so busy. But when we did, wow. Not the greatest of movies, but I can tell you the critics were definitely dead wrong about this movie. It was full of action, drama, thrills and even humorous in parts. I personally enjoyed the entire lead up to the main story which dealt with how John Carter made it to Mars. Very interesting. The movie was definitely made to have sequels, but I doubt highly if a John Carter of Mars II will ever be made. Not after the horrible box office showing.

The 3D was very good, even considering there were a few “glitches” I have never encountered with other 3D movies. A few times the lettering on subtitles was blurry and a few times, background images weren’t sharp. They were also blurry. On a whole though very good. So much so that I asked my kids to rate the film. One of them said it was an “8”. High praise indeed from this lad. My younger son gave it a “7” but said the special effects were a definite “9”.

I’m a little disappointed that John Carter of Mars won’t be a series of several movies, but this a movie the critics are wrong about and should be on the “to see” lists for fans of sci-fi, fiction and fantasy.

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