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First Blood in personal movie collection

Year : 1982 Director : Ted Kotcheff Running Time : 93 min Genre :
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This movie certainly drew first blood on the impressiveness scale. I rented this movie because i have always heard of the Rambo movies, but i decided to see what this was all about.

This movie is about an former Green Beret who fought in Vietnam who is now a drifter. But when a small town’s police force arrest him for a poor reason and abuse him,bringing back memories of when he was tortured in Vietnam , he launches a one-man war to get revenge.

I thought the story was original and Stallone’s acting was decent, but not superb. some scenes were a little over acted as well as under acted. but nothing to major.

In the end I definitely would recommend First Blood. not just because it was good but also it is a classic. I give First Blood a 8 out of 10.

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