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BKO: Bangkok Knockout

Year : 2010 Director : Panna Rittikrai Running Time : 106 min Genre : ,
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Wanting a no-brainer action film to watch on Netflix Streaming, I opted for a recent addition to my queue.  BKO: Bangkok Knockout

Now my experience with Thai martial arts films is VERY limited.  Ong Bak and a few others.   That is why I chose a Thai as opposed to a Chinese film.

I have to say, I had yet to see really bad acting in a Thai film, until now.   The actors were very wooden and their speech was….even in Thai…pretty awful.

However, the action more than made up for the bad acting.  The premise is that a team of martial artists is chosen to compete in a contest.  The winner gets to go to Hollywood and be in movies.  Not quite!  The winning team is duped and it turns out they are in some kind of gladiatorial combat game.   To make it more far fetched, there are 4 “high stakes” gamblers betting on the outcome of the various fights.  “High stakes”?  In one of the first scenes with them the host of the games says minimum bet is “$5000”.   I don’t really think that is high stakes when you have an entire set of two teams battling to the death.   Plus later the host confuses the issue by then telling them how much they have to bet.   Confusing.  But the plot is not the strong point.

The stunts are pretty good, if unspectacular.  The action is fast paced and thank God there isn’t a lot of dialogue (Unlike the Walking Dead, where everyone has to talk about their feelings for 55 minutes of the hour).

Not the worlds greatest movie, but if you are looking for something to watch while sitting on the couch goofing off, you could do a lot worse.

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