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Year : 2011 Director : Richard Linklater Running Time : 104 min Genre : ,
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After the DVD for the night failed to play, we decided to watch the “black comedy” Bernie on Netflix Streaming.
A very nice little film. Jack Black did an excellent job as did Matthew McConaughey in this story about a funeral director killing his wealthy companion in Texas during the 1990’s.

When I first heard about this movie on NPR, I didn’t really plan on seeing it, but I have to admit it sounded intriguing. Why would anyone make a movie about this? Why? Well apparently the murderer was so well liked in the small town and his victim so despised that people wanted him to basically “get away with it”.

The film is shot 1/2 normal movie and 1/2 documentary style.   This movie is actually laugh out loud funny in several places, especially during the interviews with real townsfolk.  As stated above Jack Black does a fine job, but the real stars are the people of the town.  They add a realism to the story and a real sympathy for the main character, Bernie.

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