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Bad Times at the El Royale

Year : 2018 Director : Drew Goddard Running Time : 2hr 21min Genre : , ,
Movie review score

What can I say but WOW! This film blew my mind. I went to see this movie with very little information about it. I knew that it had John Hamm, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeff Bridges and I had a basic understanding that it was like some sort of mystery. I was completely and utterly blown away by what I saw.

Bad Times at the El Royale was essentially a Tarantino film, it differed but it kept all of the good things Tarantino does while eliminating the bad. The movie is told in segments, much like Tarantino loves to do, and each segment my start a little before or after the one before it. This was done masterfully as every segment ends with a cliff hanger that may or may not be solved in the next segment. This kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. And believe me, it was hard to guess.

The film was highly unpredictable. It gives you hints as to what happens and as you sit in the theater trying to figure out what will happen it hits you with surprise after surprise. It truly keeps you trying to figure out what is really going on at the El Royale.

Besides the excellent story, the cast was truly phenomenal. Jeff Bridges and Cynthia Erivo delivered fantastic performances, maybe not Oscar worth but close to it. Once the film breaks off into separate character story lines, it is actually John Hamm’s who is truly magnificent.

John Hamm is the first character who gets their own individual chapter of the film, and is it excellent. Without spoiling the movie, his arc establishes the creepy feeling of the hotel while setting important precedents for the rest of the movie. It was truly incredible.

Overall this Drew Goddard directed and written film is truly a masterpiece. It makes me said that other critics are not recognizing it as such. This movie deserves to at least be nominated for best picture at the academy awards, it was that good.

P.S. As I stated above, if you like Tarantino films such as Pulp Fiction, go see this movie because you will love it.

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