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Year : 2012 Director : Ben Affleck Running Time : 120 minutes Genre : ,
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Was very interested in seeing Argo due to all the good press.

Watched it, well done, well acted.  Filmed well, no problems with it.

But something was nagging at me.  Especially at the end of the movie when (NO I”m not really giving a spoiler) the plane carrying the Americans stuck in Iran was taking off and the Iranians were chasing them.  I thought to myself, there is no way that this happened like that.

Thus I decided to do some research about how historically accurate the movie was.  The answer, not very.  The general overall theme, setting, tension were all accurate.  The actual execution of the extraction.  Apparently not even close.   Reminded me a LOT of the TV movie of the book “On Wings of Eagles” about H. Ross Perot’s attempt to free some of his workers.  The two part TV Movie (do they even have those anymore?) was pretty close to the book the first night, but the second night had me wondering if I was watching the wrong movie.

Hey, not to say this isn’t a good movie.  It is.  Enjoyable and easily accessible thanks to VUDU streaming!

It will be very interesting to see where Ben Affleck goes from here.  He has turned his career around.  Can he pull off a George Clooney and become a powerhouse in Hollywood?  Time will tell.

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