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American Wedding

Year : 2003 Director : Jesse Dylan Running Time : 1hr 36min Genre : ,
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Not going to lie, this is the best American Pie movie I have seen. I actually liked it and was laughing throughout the film. But that wasn’t the main attraction for me. The film actually had character arcs.

The most impressive was Sean William Scott’s famous Stifler. We have never seen him do much of anything in the movies besides be in them. He doesn’t change and he doesn’t have important plot points. He just exists. Well in this one he goes through a dramatic change. We first see him change the way he acts to impress a girl, at first just to sleep with her but changes after he realizes that he has feelings for her. But that isn’t the only change. We never see Stifler with friends in the series. The closest thing he has is the four main characters of the previous films. As this movie progresses, he treats his “friends” the way he normally does, causing them to generally dislike him. But after he screws up big time and is forced out of His friendship with the only friends he has, He realizes their importance to him. I actually loved this. Stifler was a stagnant, and mostly boring character, but this movie feels honestly more about him than Jason Biggs.

Outside of this, I mention in my previous reviews of the films that they have hidden gems within them. One of which is my favorite scene in the whole series, it involves the characters throwing a bachelor party for Jason Biggs’ character and not realizing he is trying to impress his fiance’s parents so they have to hide. I have seen this sort of thing done before but this version is one of the best I have seen.

Being perfectly honestly, going beyond the fact that this is my favorite American Pie movie that I have seen so far, I would actually consider this a good movie and would recommend a watch.

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