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American Pie 2

Year : 2001 Director : J.B. Rogers Running Time : 1hr 48min Genre : ,
Movie review score

I enjoyed the first film enough to give the second one a try, I mean it was on Netflix so why not? I enjoyed this movie slightly less than the first, even though they were more or less the same movie. The problem with this movie is that it doesn’t improve upon American Pie, It actually kind of feels like an extension of the first. There wasn’t really character progression and a few of the characters should have been left out entirely.

Jason Bigg’s character progresses and finds out who he should be chasing romantically to make himself happy. But this is really they only character arc of the film that has any importance. They try with other characters, and most weren’t bad. But the story line between Mena Suvari and Chris Klein’s characters was useless.

They presented the characters with a struggle in their relationship in which they are separated while Mena Suvari’s character is on a study abroad trip. The filmmaker’s poke at the idea that Chris Klein’s character suspects Mena Suvari’s character of cheating. But they don’t exploit this. Never throughout the entire film did I feel as if their relationship was threatened. It actually almost felt as if they cut out a few scenes.

Overall, if you liked the first movie you will like this one. The movie is cookie cutter throughout the most part with hidden gems sprinkled within, there is one scene with lesbians that actually made me laugh out loud. Moments like that illustrate the potential for a good comedy that is not dumbed down for the general audiences.

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