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American Pie

Year : 1999 Director : Paul and Chris Weitz Running Time : 1hr 35min Genre : , ,
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Netflix gave their subscribers a treasure trove of late90s/early2000s teen comedies. One of those included is the legendary American Pie. This is the movie in which that line you have heard, “This one time, at band camp…”, was born. It also so happens to be the movie that launched Sean William Scott’s career by introducing the famous Stifler character.

I had never watch this movie before, but had always heard about it. So me, being curious as to films that people love and why they love them. I decided to watch it. As soon as I started I could tell that this movie was so incredibly dated. The music, the presentation, even the characters are cookie cutter. But, despite its’ start they gave red flags, I kept watching. I found myself to enjoy the film, even if I didn’t find the jokes super funny.

That is the great thing about this movie, it can hold your attention. I believe that is why people like it so much. Even if it isn’t good, it isn’t bad and it keeps things moving. The surprising reason why it holds your attention is the acting.

Most Movies around this era with young casts, the acting is awful. I mean truly terrible. But this movie doesn’t have that. It has actors who can actually act and deliver lines well. Which is most likely why a movie like this one survived the test of time while others are lost.

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