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12 Rounds

Year : 2009 Director : Renny Harlin Running Time : 108 min Genre :
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I didn’t even know this was a movie from the WWE until the credits started.
I had spotted the 12 Rounds preview on some other DVD and it definitely caught my eye. Why? I’m not sure. I like action movies. I rarely get to watch them because the wife usually says “OH that is so violent”, then we get to watch some C grade movie she picks out.

I caught the preview and something about it intrigued me, so I put the DVD into my netflix queue.

Not great, not terrible. I see that IMDB gives it a 5.5, I think that is a smidgen harsh, I’d give it a 6.

There was something about the filming that made me think this was a …I don’t know…super low budget film (but it was $22,000,000 to make, is that low budget now). It was just a bit off. The acting was, well, acceptable. The storyline, eh, mostly unbelievable. But if you are watching this movie thinking it’s Oscar material (actually I have issues with the Oscars) then you are watching the wrong movie.

This is an action flick through and through. The pace is quick, never a dull moment. Yes it is a bit violent and has more cussing than was actually necessary (even in the “theatrical version”), but over all, it was an acceptable movie for a cold, rainy January night.

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